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What to do in Marble Arch: A Marble Arch Area Guide

Marble Arch stands proudly in the City of Westminster, a historic landmark steeped in tradition and history. Originally a grand entrance to Buckingham Palace, it now serves as a sentinel at the northeastern corner of Hyde Park.

Beyond its historical significance, Marble Arch offers a prime location, placing visitors at the heart of London's action. Oxford Street, the iconic shopping haven, lies to the north, while the elegant streets of Marylebone and Regent Street are just a stone's throw away.

With its exceptional location and historical charm, Marble Arch invites you to discover the best of London. Let’s dive into this captivating corner of the city.

An overview of Marble Arch

Marble Arch is brimming with historical charm, with its roots dating back to the 12th century. The famous arch itself was designed in 1827 by John Nash, one of the most legendary architects of the Georgian and Regency eras. It was inspired by the Roman Arch of Constantine (an arch dedicated to the Emperor Constantine I in the 4th century), and commissioned by King George IV in his plan to enhance London with more classically-rooted designs.

Originally, Marble Arch was intended to be a grand gateway for Buckingham Palace to mark the return of the King. However, its location ended up changing because of an expansion of the palace, resulting in the structure relocated to the area of Marble Arch, where it still stands today. This location is also famous for being right by Tyburn Gallows, where public executions took place from 1388 to 1793. Today, the arch symbolises the transition from a cruel past to a progressive and cultivated present.

Marble Arch is not just a monument with historical significance; it's a crossroads where some of London's most iconic streets meet. Whether it's a gallery you want to visit, a shopping spree you want to treat yourself to, or a relaxing coffee by the iconic Imperial Roman curves of Marble Arch, the area has you covered. Marble Arch even boasts its own Zone 1 tube station, making it easy and convenient to get to all major London airports, as well as anywhere you’d like to visit in the capital.

What to do in Marble Arch

No matter the day or time, Marble Arch always has something to offer. Adjacent to Oxford Street, one of Europe’s most iconic shopping streets, spend all day browsing the flagship locations of Selfridges and John Lewis for trendy womenswear, menswear, homeware, and beauty.

If luxury goods are your thing, you’re only a few minutes walk away from the likes of Bond Street and Connaught Village. These areas host the world's most opulent brands, ranging from exclusive leather goods boutiques like Goyard to high-end jewellery establishments such as Bulgari.

Seeking artisan shops and niche boutiques? Marble Arch has you covered. If you’re an art connoisseur, try L. Cornelissen & Son, and Cass Art. Foodies shouldn’t miss out on Connaught Wine Sellers and Buchanan's Cheesemongers.

For those eager to immerse themselves in London’s abundant green spaces, Marble Arch offers the perfect location. Situated on the northeastern corner of Hyde Park, this area provides a tranquil escape from the bustling Oxford Street just a few steps away. Take a stroll around the Serpentine Lake, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try boating on it. You can also explore the famous Speaker’s Corner, where historic figures such as George Orwell, Karl Marx, and Vladimir Lenin once demonstrated free speech. This corner was designated in 1872 specifically for public speaking by a ruling of Parliament. Even today, crowds gather here on Sunday mornings to listen or speak lawfully about their views on any subject.

What to see in Marble Arch

One of the first and easiest things to spot in Marble Arch is the Marble Arch itself! It embodies the grandeur of London’s architectural heritage, and amalgamates the past with the present day. Not only are you stepping into history, but standing at a point that melds bygone days with contemporary times. Take time to marvel at the art and finesse of the monument, which is fronted by four Corinthian columns and decorated by panels sculpted by Richard Westmacott. The panel on its North face is sculpted with three female figures representing England, Ireland, and Scotland, and another panel shows a female figure standing on a pile of shields, helmets, and weapons. The central arch has a keystone of a lion’s head, while the secondary arches have keystones of Greek Warriors.

The artistry doesn’t end there — the area boasts every type of London’s iconic architecture in each direction. For the perfect walk (and fantastic photo opportunities!), head to Stanhope Place to see the famous white stucco townhouses, turn to Archery Mews to see beautiful pastel-painted homes, or stroll towards Mayfair to see the famed redbrick and Georgian mansions. Marble Arch is an architectural aficionado’s dream.

Once you’ve marvelled at the iconic buildings, pay a visit to the Wallace Collection in Manchester Square — a treasure trove of sculptures, paintings, furniture, and porcelain from the 15th to 18th centuries. The West End is also a short walk or even shorter tube ride away from Marble Arch Station, so why not enrich your inner theatre-lover with the plethora of musicals and plays that the Theatre District has to offer?

Where to eat in Marble Arch

Marble Arch is a culinary connoisseur’s dream. Whether you’re after a casual coffee, a quick lunch, a Michelin-starred dinner or a nightcap at a bar, the area has you covered. For your morning caffeine fix, The Monocle Cafe is a chic and quiet spot, offering freshly-brewed coffees and teas to get your day started. For an Instagram-worthy start, drop by Feya to sip your latte with a backdrop of rose petals and wisteria. For breakfast, head to the famous and star-studded Chiltern Firehouse; a favourite of celebrities and locals alike. For a more laid-back brunch, check out Granger & Co. This Australian health-food restaurant has fare ranging from pastries to full breakfasts and can fulfil any craving.

For a casual dinner, The Grazing Goat is perfect.  This cosy pub focuses on British cuisine, serving hearty meals in a relaxed atmosphere. If you prefer a Michelin-starred restaurant, Locanda Locatelli is an Italian favourite. Take it a step further and go to The Ledbury, for local cuisine in a sophisticated environment.

If your night has only just begun after dinner, Marble Arch offers a plethora of bars. To fuse the nightlife scene with history, head to the Churchill Bar & Terrace. Inspired by Sir Winston Churchill, this bar offers a luxurious yet intimate atmosphere with creative cocktails and cigars. The Arch Bar is also a must-visit. Known for its attentive service, refined cocktails and sweeping views overlooking Hyde Park, this bar is equally perfect for a romantic date or a catchup with a view.

Where to stay in Marble Arch

To experience central London to its fullest, location is imperative. Marble Arch presents a variety of accommodation options to suit different tastes and budgets.

Luxury London Listings boasts an opulent central townhouse by Hyde Park within walking distance to all of the best attractions London has to offer — whether it's shopping, galleries, cafes or restaurants. Situated just one minute from Hyde Park, Oxford Street, and Marble Arch tube station, and two minutes from the iconic Selfridges, you have the city at your fingertips.

Feel free to reach out to us at for further details or to discuss your rental requirements.


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