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Things to do in Mayfair: An Expert’s Mayfair Area Guide

Mayfair is located within the borough of the City of Westminster, and is one of the most prestigious and opulent areas in all of London. The elegant Georgian-style buildings house some of the world’s rich and famous. Nestled in the heart of central London between Hyde Park and Green Park, the area offers a plethora of shops, cafes, galleries, fine dining restaurants, and nightlife. Being in one of the most coveted locations in London, you have the city at your fingertips. Oxford Street to the North of the borough, Regent Street to the East, Piccadilly to the South, and Park Lane to the West —  all that London has to offer is met just moments from your doorstep.

Whether you’d prefer a shopping spree at the iconic designer boutiques on Bond Street, a stroll through one of the Royal Parks, a candlelight dinner at a Michelin-starred hideaway, or a night to remember at one of Berkeley Street’s exclusive clubs — Mayfair has you covered.

Explore Mayfair's finest with this helpful guide, revealing key insights and must-visit places. Let's dive in.

An overview of Mayfair

Mayfair is incredibly rich in history; the name stemming from a fifteen-day fair that was hosted in the area every May, dating back to 1686 — bringing animals, jugglers, and drovers to Shepherd’s Market. In the 1760s, the location of the Mayfair moved to Bow in East London, leaving the land empty and available for development. In its place, sophisticated townhouses were built, shopping districts were designed, and businesses were constructed. Grosvenor Square became the pinnacle of Georgian society, amalgamating tasteful public spaces and famous architecture in a five-acre space that still stands beautifully today. The closeness of the Square to Buckingham Palace, Parliament, green spaces, the opera, and cafes led to its success; its beauty and convenience drawing in residents, tourists and businessmen alike.

What areas are in Mayfair?

Some of the notable areas and streets within or near Mayfair include: Grosvenor Square, Albemarle Street, Burlington and Curzon estates, Park Lane, Oxford Street, Piccadilly, and Regent Street.

Is Mayfair a nice area?

Mayfair is considered one of the most luxurious and safest areas in London. This reputation stems from a combination of factors, including consistently low crime rates, well-maintained streets, and a significant presence of high-end hotels with robust security measures.

What is the weather like in Mayfair?

The weather is typically cool with frequently cloudy skies and rain in the winter, with mild and sunny weather in the summers.

What to do in Mayfair

No matter the time or weather, Mayfair always has something exciting to offer. It is known to be one of the best shopping districts in the city. The luxury department store Selfridges is in the heart of Mayfair on Oxford Street, full of the season’s newest womenswear, menswear, beauty products, and an impressive selection of tech and homeware.

Take a few steps south and head to the Royal family approved Fortnum & Mason. Browse their impressive collection of personalised hampers, clothing, accessories, gifts and homeware — or even treat yourself to a blowdry and manicure at their hair and nail salons. Take a stroll down the world-renowned Bond Street and spoil yourself with luxury must-haves from the likes of Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Louis Vuitton and more. A few steps from Bond Street is Burlington Arcade, where you can find a plethora of vintage watches, accessories and cashmere. Described as the ‘jewel of Mayfair’, the forty-seven boutiques it boasts are not to be missed.

There is no shortage of parks in Mayfair — with Hyde Park, St James Park, and Green Park all bordering the area. Take a break from retail therapy and escape into nature - retreat to the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park for a relaxing boating experience, wander around the flower beds at St James’ park, or walk into Green Park for close up views of Buckingham Palace. These Royal Parks are not only havens of nature, but offer concerts and activities seasonally — making them a perfect place to visit at any time of the year.

As night falls, Mayfair turns into a vibrant hub for nightlife, boasting one of most exclusive nightlife scenes in Europe. Cirque Le Soir invites you into a world of excess and eccentricity, guaranteeing an unforgettable night. Libertine is a celebrity renowned for its top-class international DJ’s and celebrity sightings, offering a star-studded and unforgettable atmosphere. For a more relaxed evening, Burlock is the place to be — enter the prohibition era and take your pick at the extensive rum collection.

What to see in Mayfair 

Mayfair is where the intersection of art and culture meet. It is a refuge for art aficionados — visit the National Gallery to view the masterpieces of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Turner, which will allow you to take a deep dive into European history. A short stroll away is Halcyon Gallery, a timeless institution that exhibits contemporary art, providing a contrast and showcasing innovative art from established and emerging artists alike. The Royal Academy of Arts is also a must-see, especially in the summer months when the iconic 250-year-old Summer Exhibition begins; highlighting the best art and architecture that London has to offer.

After soaking in the art, a short walk away from each gallery is Buckingham Palace — arguably one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. A testament to the British monarchy’s enduring legacy, The palace is not just home to the Royals, but is also a home for national celebrations. The famous Changing of The Guards takes place here, making it a tourist hotspot.

Where to eat in Mayfair

Mayfair is a culinary paradise, offering a wide range of dining experiences to cater to every palate and occasion. Whether you’re after a candlelight dinner or a casual coffee, Mayfair will have you spoiled for choice. For those early London mornings, get your caffeine fix at Queens of Mayfair, which offers a warm and laid-back welcome with its well-made coffees and trusted breakfast selection. For fashion lovers, Ralph’s Coffee in the Ralph Lauren boutique adds a stylish edge to your caffeine fix. As the day progresses, head to Mercato in Mayfair, a food market in St Mark’s Church; cuisine from different countries is spread across four floors, so there’s an option for everyone.

For an iconic British afternoon tea, Claridge’s and Sketch both offer an opulent setting, elevating the experience to an art form. Brunch and breakfast enthusiasts will find comfort in NAC Mayfair, Cecconi’s, and The Wolseley — each offering a combination of a delicious breakfast and beautiful backdrop to start your day. For lunch, it’s hard to go wrong with Burger & Lobster and 34 Mayfair. Nestled in convenient locations at the heart of the shopping district, the restaurants offer a perfect midday escape.

As the evening falls, Mayfair transforms into a dining spectacle. For a party-like atmosphere, head to Sexy Fish on Berkeley Street. With resident DJ’s and excessive decor, the restaurant guarantees top-quality sushi and a good time. For a more laid back and intimate experience, head to Ristorante Frescobaldi, nestled away from the bustle of Regent Street. The hearty Italian food and romantic decor make for a beautiful date night. Culinary connoisseurs rejoice: Mayfair is home to multiple Michelin-starred establishments. For a farm-to-fork philosophy, head to Helene Darroze at The Connaught, or if haute cuisine is what you’re after, Alaine Ducasse at The Dorchester is a favourite.

Mayfair’s bar scene is truly unparalleled. For a relaxed atmosphere, head to The Red Room at the Connaught, or for finely-curated wines Shepherd Market Wine House. Mayfair’s dining and bar scene is a testament to its ability to blend tradition with a modern flair — whether you’re seeking an elegant dress-up dinner or a casual lunch, Mayfair holds a table that will exceed your expectations.

Where to stay in Mayfair

In order to experience Mayfair to its fullest, location is important. Mayfair offers a range of luxurious accommodations suitable for various preferences and budgets. Luxury London Listings boasts a Modern Luxury Townhouse in the heart of Mayfair that caters to refined tastes. Perfectly located — three minutes to Green Park, two to Piccadilly, five to Regent Street and three to Bond Street — our apartments promise both comfort and convenience. Waste no time reaching Mayfair’s attractions, everything you need from high-end shopping to nightlife is a short walk away.

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